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Range Basics & FAQs

Pima Pistol Club is a private member managed range that gladly shares its facility with the public.  Before visiting our Range, please review all our safety rules, restrictions, and guidelines.  Refer to our library of range use and safety videos for even more information. (coming soon!)

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Public Range Safety Video

PPC Range Regs

The following list contains important safety regulations and answers to frequently asked questions.  You are responsible for knowing and adhering to all Pima Pistol Club guidelines.  Range Safety Officers (RSOs) always have the final decision on range safety and use.  Please ask an RSO about anything you are not sure of before acting.


Always bring a valid ID and check in at the Range Office upon entering the range.  Valid forms of ID include: PPC Member Badges, Drivers License, Passport, Military ID, State ID, and Law Enforcement ID cards

Loaded & Holstered Firearms

In order to best monitor safety on our 15 acre range property, the handling of loaded firearms and/or uncased firearms is prohibited outside of "HOT" public firing lines and on Member Range Bays. 


Holstered firearms are not allowed outside of MEMBER ranges - even when unloaded - except for Law Enforcement and PPC Range Safety Officers.  Holstered firearms on PUBLIC ranges are prohibited.  Holsters are NOT allowed on Range 1 & Range 2 (these are the public ranges).


If you are carrying loaded firearms on your person or inside your vehicle: stop at the loading/unloading station just past our main gate, clear and case all firearms, then proceed to check in at the RSO Range Office. 

You can reload and re-holster your firearm at the same loading/unloading station at the main gate after your range visit as you leave the property.


If you do not have a case for your firearm, please let the on duty RSO know and they may be able to provide you with a loaner case for your range visit.  Please leave all firearms in your vehicle until after you check in with the on duty RSO, and after you arrive at your assigned range bay.

Chamber Flags

After any firearm is uncased, when not in use or when the range is in a COLD condition, chamber flags are required. 


The proper COLD firearm status on a range or firing line is: magazine removed, ammunition cleared, slide/bolt/action locked back, chamber flag inserted in the chamber so that the unloaded status can be visibly confirmed by any RSO and all people on the range or firing line. 


If you do not have chamber flags for your firearms, they are available at the RSO office for $1.

Just a reminder - Chamber flags go in the chamber...not in the muzzle.  If you are unclear on the proper use of chamber flags, please ask a PPC RSO.

Eye & Ear Protection

Eye & ear protection are mandatory on our range.  There are a variety of good products available at local retailers or online.  If you need help making a selection best suited for your needs, ask a PPC RSO.  Basic foam ear plugs are available for sale at the RSO office.  These important items are a part of any range kit and should always be packed with your range supplies.

Holsters & Slings

Drawing from a holster and using a holster on Range 1 (Public Pistol Range) is



Public ranges are restricted to shooting from static bench area positions only. 


Using a sling on Range 2 (Public 100 yard Rifle Range) is only allowed when used to stabilize a shooting position.  Tactical use of slings on Range 2 is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.  Slings on Range 2 are not allowed for moving around the range or for resting a rifle. 


The muzzle should always be oriented towards the primary impact berm.

Holsters & slings are allowed on appropriate member ranges; please see an RSO for details.

Permitted & Restricted Firearms and Items

Pima Pistol Club allows the use of most legal firearms.  Restrictions include: calibers over 50BMG or equivalent, fully automatic firearms, bump fire stocks, pistol grip only shotguns on public ranges, and binary triggers.  These policies are in place out of cooperation with our close neighbors and for safety purposes.  We can recommend other area ranges who do allow fully automatic firearms. 


Shotguns must have a shoulder stock and must use slugs for targets.  Test firing of shot is allowed directly into a berm on appropriate ranges.  Pistol grip only shotguns without shoulder stock are only authorized to be used on MEMBER ranges.  Consult PPC RSO for details.

There is no PPC restriction on legal: Suppressors, SBRs, and Compensators.


Approved paper targets are allowed on all public and member ranges at Pima Pistol Club.  We carry a limited selection of paper targets for sale in our RSO office if you need them.  Pistol caliber steel targets are allowed ONLY on steel approved member ranges.  There are a variety of steel targets available for your use as a member benefit of the PPC.  Any outside target on member ranges other than paper targets must be approved by an RSO.

Target Distances

Targets on Range 1 (Public Pistol Range) must be placed directly in front of the shooting position and at distances between 10 to 15 yards.  Targets on Range 2 (the 100/Public Rifle Range) must be placed directly in front of the shooting position.  FOR BENCH REST or PRONE, targets can be placed anywhere between 25 to 100 yards.  IF STANDING, targets must be placed at a minimum of 50 yards.

Firearm Sales & Ammunition

Pima Pistol Club does not sell or rent firearms and does not sell ammunition.  There are a variety of area retailers who regularly stock a variety of ammunition calibers and firearm models.  Reference some preferred area retailers at the bottom of this page.


Contact range administration or ask an RSO for current policies on range use by children under the age of 18 years old.

Range Attire

Proper attire is required while on PPC property which consists of: appropriate eyewear, hearing protection, and closed toed footwear.

Range Reservations

There are no range reservations at Pima Pistol Club.  Members are assigned appropriate ranges on a first come/first served basis.  You are welcome to call the Range Office to check the status of desired ranges on any particular day.  Although range access varies from day to day, you will most often find a range to suit your needs whenever you want to shoot.

Dogs & Animals

For safety reasons, dogs and other pets are not allowed on range property except for registered service animals and LEO K9s.

Area Retailers

"It doesn't matter if you are in the market for a handgun, rifle, or personal protection products like pepper spray or stun guns, we have you covered!"

Gary Hickey, Owner, JAMES 410

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