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anson belt and buckle

The belt (what holds your firearm up?) is often the most overlooked part of your carry system. You have boxes of holsters but what do you hang them on?? The Belt is the Basis and needs to be supportive yet flexible, adjustable and strong.


Anson's new concealed carry "Invincibelts"  feature a 12" Ratcheting Track and Buckle with 1/4" spacing for ultimate comfort and reliability. That's 4 times the adjustability of any leather belt. The Buckle won't slip from where you put it and can be easily adjusted throughout the day.


Choose your belt then choose your buckle. Both are Guaranteed for LIFE.  Free demo, delivery and custom fitting service by PPC Member and Anson Authorized Dealer Jim Schecter. At just $55 it may be the last belt you ever buy! In stock and available in Tucson now. Email or text for your personal demo! 

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