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The United States Practical Shooting Association is the largest competitive shooting organization in the US and uses scenario based stages to test the limits of skill and equipment.

Matches require:  Pistol (typically semi-automatic), holster, multiple magazines, competition belt rig, typically 200-250 rounds.

This sport includes a variety of divisions and skill levels that include stock to highly modified pistols.

USPSA Website: https:

PPC Match Registration:

Match Fee: $25 ($5 discount for PPC members)

Match Director:  Jaminh Vo /

Set Up & Tear Down

Action pistol matches require labor intensive set up and tear down.  Set up is often done on the day prior to the event.  Please contact the match director if you are able to help with set up and please help break stages down after the match.  By working together, we can maintain safe, fun, and manageable matches for our members and guests to enjoy.


  1. Production: Double-action or striker-fired handguns, caliber 9mm or larger, with limited modifications. These are mostly carry guns, similar to the IDPA SSP division.  There is an approved list located online.

  2. Revolver: Six-shot double-action revolvers with iron sights and unported barrels. Revolvers with higher capacity, optics, or ports can compete in Production or Open divisions

  3. Single Stack: Traditional 1911-style autos, with limited size, weight, and magazine capacity.

  4. Limited: Autos with larger magazine capacities. Most modifications are allowed except ports, compensators, and optic sights.

  5. Limited-10: Similar to Limited but with magazine capacity limited to 10 rounds.

  6. Open: Pretty much anything goes. Open guns usually have huge magazines, optical sights, and compensators.

  7. Carry Optics:  Approved production guns with the addition of a slide mounted optic.  Modification is permitted such as stippling, slide cuts, and aftermarket triggers.

  8. Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC):  A carbine (with a butt stock) that shoots a pistol cartridge.

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