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Tactical .22 Precision Rifle

The course of fire will consist of various size targets and will also include “hostage” style scenarios, partially blocked or hidden targets, diminishing size precision reactive targets. 

Tactical 22 Website: None

PPC Match Registration:

Match Fee:  $15

Match Directors: 

Wayne Clark

Set Up & Tear Down

Action matches require labor intensive set up and tear down.  Set up is often done on the day prior to the event.  Please contact the match director if you are able to help with set up and please help break stages down after the match.  By working together, we can maintain safe, fun, and manageable matches for our members and guests to enjoy.


Semi-Auto or bolt rifles are welcome. Iron sights or optics are allowed but magnified optics are strongly recommended. Magazine fed rifles are also highly recommended. 

Targets will be engaged from multiple and various simulated field positions including prone, various barricade positions, simulated stairstep/stairwells, barrels, rooftop positions, strong hand/weak hand, supported and unsupported standing, and other positions at the Match Director’s discretion. 


This is NOT a benchrest match nor a “belly” match.  Come prepared to shoot from a multitude of challenging positions.

  • “Spotters” with spotting scopes or binoculars are allowed

  • Course of fire is dependent on the stage

  • 10-15 rounds per stage is typical

  • 6-10 stages per match

  • Target distances are from 25-200 yards 

  • Targets vary but are steel in sizes ranging from approx. 0.25” to approx. 10” in size 

  • All targets are reactive steel with no paper targets being offered

  • Bipod, rear bag and sling are allowed

This match takes place on the first Saturday of the month.

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