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The International Defensive Pistol Association develops shooting sports based on defensive pistol techniques to solve "real world" self defense scenarios.

Matches require:  Pistol (typically semi-automatic), holster, 3 magazines, a concealment garment (often a vest), minimum or 100+ rounds.

This sport includes a variety of divisions and skill levels for new to experienced competitors.

IDPA Website:

PPC Match Registration:

Match Fee: $25 ($5 discount for PPC members)

Match Director:  Dave Burton /

Set Up & Tear Down

Action pistol matches require labor intensive set up and tear down.  Set up is often done on the day prior to the event.  Please contact the match director if you are able to help with set up and please help break stages down after the match.  By working together, we can maintain safe, fun, and manageable matches for our members and guests to enjoy.


  1. Stock Service Pistol (SSP): Basically stock, double-action or striker-fired, 9mm or larger semi-automatic pistols.

  2. Enhanced Service Pistol (ESP): 9mm or larger semi-automatic pistols, any action type, with limited modifications allowed.

  3. Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP): .45 caliber semi-automatic pistols, any action type, with limited modifications. Most CDP pistols are 1911s.

  4. Compact Carry Pistol (CCP):  9mm or larger semi-automatic pistols, barrel < 4 3/8″, weighs less than or equal to 38 oz.

  5. Stock Service Revolver (SSR): Double-action revolvers, .38 Special or larger, six shot, reloaded with speedloaders.

  6. Enhanced Service Revolver (ESR): Double-action revolvers, with power in the .45 ACP range, six shot, reloaded with speedloaders or full-moon clips.

  7. Carry-Optics (CO):  ESP division requirements for handgun; passive or active optics.

  8. Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC):  Semi-automatic rifles in the following calibers:  9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45 ACP; designed to be fired from the shoulder and have a shoulder stock installed.

Pistol’s size and weight are limited

Generally, pistols cannot be much larger than a stock 1911, and revolvers are limited to 4″ barrel length. Holsters must be suitable for everyday carry and concealment, and most stages require concealed carry using a concealment garment like a vest, shirt, or jacket. Stages tend to be short and sweet, and not over 18 rounds in one string, and usually involve a practical self-defense scenario. There will be one or two drills or standard exercises per match for variety.

New shooters are welcome. You do not have to be an IDPA member.


A Note from the Match Director:


If you have never shot an IDPA match, you must show up to the range 1 hour before the match. This will enable our staff to give you a personal briefing and assess your comfort and skill level in shooting your first match.

IDPA matches are competitions, they are not designed to provide training. You must be competent in safe gun handling as you will be shooting and moving from target position to target position. Safety is our #1 concern..

What You Need:


  • Eye and ear protection.

  • A pistol, revolver or pistol caliber carbine (see above divisions for caliber requirements).

  • At least two spare magazines, or three speedloaders or spare full-moon clips.

  • Belt, holster, and magazine/speedloader/clip carriers, also suitable for concealed carry.

  • A concealment garment–vest, jacket, or shirt.

  • Water and sunscreen.


IDPA matches are limited to 60 participants.

Pima Pistol is an IDPA member club.

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