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Action Pistol

Formerly called NRA Action Pistol, this match often uses stages or parts of stages from the NRA Action Pistol (Bianchi Cup) match, but we’ve branched out and now added challenges of our own. Action Pistol is an excellent orientation towards dynamic action shooting sports like USPSA & IDPA, as well as a challenging accuracy driven test for seasoned shooters.


PPC Match Registration:

Match Fee:  $25 ($5 discount for PPC members)

Match Director:  Steve Caffrey /

Co-Match Directors:  Cliff Payne / Mark Smedley

Set Up & Tear Down

Action pistol matches require labor intensive set up and tear down.  Set up is often done on the day prior to the event.  Please contact the match director if you are able to help with set up and please help break stages down after the match.  By working together, we can maintain safe, fun, and manageable matches for our members and guests to enjoy.


Action Pistol shooters meet twice a month on the first and third Wednesdays for matches starting in November.

Note: We are now running on Summer Hours Schedule. Set up starts at Sunrise and shooting starts at 8 AM or as soon as all stages are set up.   Setup help is always needed and appreciated.    (see side bar for details)

Four to five stages.
150 rounds of ammunition.


New shooters are always welcome.


What You Need

  • Eye and ear protection

  • A pistol or revolver, caliber 9mm or larger

  • Spare magazines, speedloaders, or moon clips (4 minimum)

  • Belt, holster and magazine/speedloader pouches

  • Water and sunscreen

Winter hours:

7:00 am – Stage setup
8:00 am – Registration
9:00 am – Shooting starts


Summer hours:
6:00 am – Stage setup
7:30 am – Registration
8:00 am – Shooting starts

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