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Pima pistol club

Through the hard work and dedication of many individuals, Pima Pistol Club has remained an institution in Tucson for more than 100 years.  Ideas and perspectives can be diverse in a club as big as ours, but the heart of the club is in the membership and those who have given much of their time, talent, and effort to preserve a place we all know and love.

Respect is earned among us for great effort, commitment, sacrifice, achievement and leadership.


This PPC Hall of Honor will serve as a place to show our respect for some important members who have made a difference at the PPC.

Connecting Dots

Harry Aitken,
Jack Kruckmeyer,
Milt Hood & Bob Jensen

In the mid 1960s, Harry Aitken & Jack Kruckmeyer were instrumental in preserving Pima Pistol Club serving as club President, Vice President, Match Directors, Chief Range Safety Officers and they were both involved in the logistics and construction of our current range facility after the move from our former Starr Pass range.

Milt Hood was nominated by none other than Ben Avery himself for an NRA National Service award for his work during this time.

These four individuals and others formed the Tucson Shooting Association in the 1960s and worked to redevelop our respective ranges.

Without their vision, hard work, and dedication, the Pima Pistol Club & the Tucson Rifle Club would most likely have ceased to exist by 1970. 

For preserving our legacy, history, and traditions during such difficult times - we proudly offer them a place in the Pima Pistol Club Hall of Honor.


JR Ryals



Steve Reiter

Steve Reiter was a member of the 1980 US Olympic Free Pistol Team and is one of the most decorated competition shooters in the world.  He is a legend in the bullseye shooting community.

A former US Army Reserve Team member, his extensive list of credentials over his long and incredible career includes more or less anything and everything possible. 

Steve moved to Tucson in 2003 and became a member of Pima Pistol Club where he worked with and for the club over the next two decades, including acting as club President.

For his passion for the club and his amazing work in the shooting sports, Steve Reiter earns a place in the Pima Pistol Club Hall of Honor.

Brad Louis

Brad Louis came to Tucson from Chicago in 2009 where he found Pima Pistol Club and became an advocate for competitive action pistol shooting.  By 2016, he rose to EXP Master class in the International Defensive Pistol Association.

Over the years, Brad served the club in many ways including serving multiple terms as club President.  He always maintained a passionate focus on building and preserving the club for future generations.

For his hard work and dedication to a facility important to so many club members, Brad Louis earns a place in the Pima Pistol Club Hall of Honor.

Ray Kondo

Ray Kondo began his career as a U.S. Marshal on August 7, 1989. He was described as a legend by his own colleagues during his service to the United States.  His career awards include: 12 Superior Performance awards, 8 Special Acts Awards, 10 Distinguished Expert Firearms awards, recipient of the Federal Law Enforcement Center's Keith Connelly Memorial Reward, DOJ-OFDT eDesignate Award, City of Dallas Special Appreciation Award, City of New York Police Department Detectives Endowment Award.

After Ray's retirement from the USMS, he continued to assist with annual USMS tactical firearms training, organizing the annual Police Olympics, and taught firearms and tactical training to both civilians and law enforcement groups. 

Ray also served on the Board of Directors of Pima Pistol Club and was an avid combat pistol shooter and friend to many at the club.

For his exceptional demonstration of the club ideals of sportsmanship and patriotism and for his hard work and dedication to the club membership, Ray Kondo earns a place in the Pima Pistol Club Hall of Honor.

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bill throne


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