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digital Swap Meet

How do I make a post?

1. Click here to send us an email with your post details.

2. Include the following:

Are you looking for something -or- parting with something?

Who should an interested member ask for?

How would you like to be contacted?

What is your PPC Member ID#?

3. Give a description of the item or items as you want them listed.

4.  Attach a picture if you would like it added.

What Happens Next?

We will collect your information and create a field for you on the "Listings" section of the PPC website. 


You will correspond directly with any interested parties via the contact information you provided.

How Long is my Post Active?

To keep things fresh, we will date the post and remove them after a month or so unless another contact is made by the poster to keep it up longer.

Let us know when to take down posts that are no longer active.

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