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Introduction to Competition Shooting

Saturday, September 30 - $20 per person

Welcome to the Pima Pistol Club Introduction to Competition Shooting Class.

This course will provide participants with details on a variety of competitive disciplines regularly hosted at Pima Pistol Club.

We will cover IDPA, USPSA, Steel Workers, Steel Challenge, NRA Action Pistol, and BUG match.

This class will be hosted by the Match Directors at PPC and will cover a variety of topics including: gear, match procedures and rules, classifications, registration and squadding. Students are required to setup a free Practiscore account to register.

The course will include approximately 2 hours of classroom time and 3 hours of range time with match stages setup for the students to shoot. This will be done under the direct supervision of the Match Directors and Safety Officers.

The students will be required to have a semi- automatic pistol or a revolver chambered in no greater than a .45 caliber and at least 3 loading devices (magazines). The firearm must be unloaded and cased until the live fire portion of the class. The class will also require an outside the waist band holster and outside the waist band magazine holder for at least 2 magazines. Approximately 100 rounds of ammunition will be required. Students will "gear up" only under the direction of a Safety Officer. Proper ear and eye protection is mandatory.

Absolutely NO ammunition is allowed in the classroom. This will be cause for immediate disqualification.

Safety is our number one priority. Always remember Col. Cooper's 4 rules of gun safety:

Rule One: All guns are always loaded.
Rule Two: Never let the muzzle cover anything which you are not willing to destroy.
Rule Three: Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
Rule Four: Always be sure of your target.

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