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Electronic Voting

Electronic voting on club issues has been a debated issue at the club for the past few years.  There will be an IN PERSON vote held on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 at 6PM at Casas Church, Palo Verde Building, 10801 N. La Cholla Blvd, Tucson, AZ  85742.


Currently, Regular voting club members can vote electronically for members for the club Board of Directors positions.  Members are sent an email from a third party voting service called eBallot, they have a determined period to submit their vote, and the results are tabulated and returned to the club by this service.  This is how the past two BoD elections were held.

There are roughly 450 PPC members with voting status and about half of them typically vote in the club elections.  This maintains that between 200-250 PPC members are interested enough in club matters to make their voices heard through a club vote.

The current PPC bylaws require that votes on regular club issues (outside of board elections) be held in person at the monthly Tuesday night meetings.  The specific issue is typically presented, and by a raising of hands the votes are tallied.  Including the board members, these votes are often decided by 10-20 members in attendance at a meeting.

In order to enact a bylaw change that will allow electronic voting on regular club matters, the PPC bylaws must be amended by an in-person vote with a 2/3s majority to the affirmative.  There was an in-person vote held on September 13, 2022 on this issue.  Although there was majority support, there was not a 2/3 majority, and so the status quo remains in effect.  The matter was voted on by 7 board members and 26 club members in attendance that day.


There were so many inquiries after the September meeting and apparent misunderstandings of the factors on this issue that another

in-person vote will be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2023.

Arguments in Favor of Electronic Voting

Those in favor of voting electronically on club issues raise a few reasons for the proposed change.  Predominantly, the argument is to include more member input on club decisions.  Some members have raised issues with their ability to attend the monthly meetings.  They say this restricts their ability to contribute to the club decision making process. Some reasons for inability to attend include: scheduling conflicts, local status throughout the year, and concerns over driving to the club later in the evening.

Various other types of board governing documents provide for alternate voting methods with the understanding that in-person voting is often not always practical for a variety of reasons.  The amount of eBallot votes for PPC Board elections versus the average monthly meeting turnout evidences a stark contrast between concerned members and their ability to attend the monthly meetings.

Changes of the meeting day, time, and venue for in person votes have been discussed, but discussions lead to the same potential issues on voting restrictions depending on individual member schedules.  The simplest and most fair method to include as many member voices as possible is determined to be eBallot voting by proponents of the electronic voting method.  It is also supported by club administration because if its ease of use and ability to collect voting information in a consistent place.

Arguments Against Electronic Voting

There were some concerns raised by members who regularly attend monthly meetings about electronic voting.  Some arguments included: concern for potential cheating in vote calculation by club administration, concern that members who do not attend in-person meetings would be uninformed on club matters, concern that the verbiage written on the ballot would influence the vote, and concern that eBallot could be an insecure voting system.

Alternate meeting dates were suggested by some members.  Meetings conducted after weekend matches was a predominant suggestion.  Some members also suggested that meetings held at a different location and facility would improve voter turnout.  There were also suggestions to make the meetings more of a banquet style event.

Board President Newsletter on the Issue

At the Regular PPC club meeting on April 11th at 6:00 pm, a physical vote will be conducted by regular voting members to change the Club Bylaws allowing for electronic voting for future Bylaw changes. There has been some confusion or misinformation concerning the rationale for doing this.


In the past, changes to the Club Bylaws were determined by no more than a handful of members being present for the vote. If the Membership allows electronic voting to take place, this change will open any future changes up to the full voting body of the Club. It would allow more input by voting members, not less.
I would encourage any voting members of the Club to be present at this meeting and to support the change. This meeting will be held at Casas Church in the Palo Verde Building at 10801 N La Cholla Blvd.  This larger venue will accommodate the possible increase in attendance at this meeting.
Bill Throne


Article XI. Amendments  

These Bylaws may be altered or amended in whole or in part or new bylaws adopted at any Regular or Special Meeting called for that purpose. A copy of the new, intended alteration or amendments should have been provided to the members in advance of such meeting. Such notice shall be sent in accordance with Article VI, Sections 1 to 8, at least forty-five (45) days prior to the meeting. Two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Regular members in favor, will be necessary to change any by-law or amendments.  


For electronic ballots to be utilized and valid, the following terms must be met:

  1. Bylaw change proposal was on the agenda and addressed at a Regular or Special Meeting.

  2. Proposed Bylaw changes were provided to membership at least forty-five (45) days prior to the above specified meeting.

  3. Electronic voting must be sent out, and voting completed, within thirty (30) days of the above specified meeting.

  4. Electronic ballots are sent to all Regular Voting members with an email address on file with PPC.

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