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2024 election results

Pima Pistol Club has been a member led organization since it's inception.  Regular voting members have an influence on the direction of the club and who is chosen to lead our organization.


This page contains information and statements from the individuals elected to the  2024 Pima Pistol Club Board of Directors.  Become familiar with the new board and look for more information to come!

Dave Burton
2024 PPC President

Service & Experience:  United States Marine Corps, Arizona Air National Guard retired, Pima Pistol Club Range Safety Officer, NRA Range Safety Officer, IDPA Safety Officer, IDPA Match Director.  2023 PPC Vice President.


My name is David Burton.  I am a National Rifle Association (NRA) certified Range Safety Officer and I have served as the 2023 Vice President of Pima Pistol Club.  I am running for the position of President on the Pima Pistol Club Board of Directors.  

My history with the club has given me a unique and detailed perspective of how our club functions.  The cornerstone of our club is a competent Board of Directors, a talented staff, and devoted volunteers.  The long term success of PPC should be everyone's priority.  Over the past year we have greatly updated our website and communication, brought in a variety of new opportunities and training for members, and worked to analyze how we can better support our matches.  I worked to improve the range facility in a variety of ways and I have introduced initiatives which we can consider to better serve the membership, establish relationships with the community, and protect and preserve our historic facility.  There is still more work to do.

I believe that we can be the best facility in the state and I want to work towards sustaining and protecting PPC far into the future.  This year, I have sought out and spoken to some of our PPC members and families from the 1960s to better understand our historic purpose and vision.  I am humbled by the importance of the task of continuing our legacy.

Pima Pistol Club is made of a diverse group of people with a common interest - the shooting sports.  Whether you are a family introducing the next generation to the range, a high-power rifle shooter, a competition pistol shooter, or looking for somewhere to train and become confident and competent - PPC is here for you.  It is my mission that Pima Pistol Club remains a safe, sound, friendly facility with forward looking leadership to provide our members, families, and friends a great place to enjoy our sport now and into the future.

Jeff Shi_Med (1).jpg

Jeff Shi
2024 PPC Vice President

Service & Experience:  2023 PPC Board Member, United States Air Force Veteran, Type 03 FFL holder (Curio and Relics), USPSA and Steel Challenge A-Class competitor, Rangemaster certified handgun instructor, NRA certified Range Safety Officer. 11 years experience in engineering management and operations research. Arizona Citizens Defense League, NRA, and Second Amendment Foundation Life member. 8-year Pima Pistol Club member.


My name is Jeff Shi and I am running for Vice President of PPC. I believe PPC is the best shooting range in the county and I am wholly committed to keeping it that way. I have been heavily involved in this club and drove numerous improvements to our bylaws and range rules that greatly benefit our members. I am running to represent the interests of all members of PPC, from the recreational shooter to the serious competitor.


My goal is to keep building our club’s reputation and expand our footprint as the premier shooting venue in Southern Arizona. I will continue to advocate for improvements to our range, our bylaws, and our rules. I will work to ensure that all of our matches receive adequate support, especially our outlaw matches which frequently attract younger and newer gun owners. I will also explore fun opportunities to bring in additional club revenue and increase incentives for membership. Finally, as a staunch 2nd Amendment advocate, I will work with members, the board, and Arizona 2A organizations so that this club takes a more active role in promoting 2A awareness and education.


I hope that I have earned your vote with my accomplishments and my aspirations for this club. Please review my Detailed Statement section below for more specific points of my platform. Thank you!

Ken McKinley.png

Ken McKinley
2024 PPC Treasurer

Service & Experience:  42yr veteran of the US Marine Corps and Navy with a firm business background in contracting, finance, and business administration.  Two Master’s Degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA in Acquisition and Contracts Management and then Logistics.  Detailed experience in contracting for and administering Government contracts and work with fortune 500 organizations.


Pima Pistol Club is an organization with a robust and diverse group of members.  Regardless of our individual backgrounds, we share a common interest and goal – and that is the love of shooting and competing in a well-run and organized atmosphere.


I am running for the board seat of Treasurer because I feel we can do more for our membership and I want to help make Pima Pistol Club a premier location for shooters of all ages.  I firmly believe in encouraging organized shooting activities with an emphasis on education.  This serves to increase the knowledge, safe handling, marksmanship and care of firearms for our members and our community.   With this clearly established, there is no reason PPC can’t be THE preeminent shooting club and destination location for shooters across the southwestern USA!


To achieve this vision, the determination and willingness to listen to, offer, consider, and implement new ideas is paramount.  I believe we can promote and develop the PPC brand to a name spoken of and revered by sportsmen, trainers, retail operators, and industry manufacturers alike.  The future of PPC lies in the voices of a dedicated membership who truly believe that the characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, teamwork and self-reliance are essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.


I am a 42yr veteran of the US Marine Corps and Navy with a firm business background in contracting, finance, and business administration.  I hold two Master’s Degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA in Acquisition and Contracts Management and then Logistics.  Much of my experience lies in contracting for and administering Government contracts valued in millions of dollars and those engagements took me into the boardrooms of fortune 500 organizations.  I most recently authored the draft Pima Pistol Club Operating Reserve Policy for Board approval.


Now, I want to volunteer for you!  Please consider me for the position of Treasurer when you cast your ballot in December 2023.  Together, let’s strengthen and protect PPC for the next generation of membership and carry this historic institution forward!!


Kathy Swan
2024 PPC Secretary


Hi, I'm Kathy Swan. I am the current Board Secretary for the Pima Pistol Club.

I have been honored to represent club members as your Secretary for the past year.

For those members who haven't had a chance to meet me, I am:

• Trustworthy – I value honesty and integrity above all else.

• Candid – If something isn't right I will call it out.

• Determined - I will not be bullied.

• Calm and level headed – No drama, I just get the job done.

• Have years of experience utilizing administrative and analytical skills.

• An advocate for the PPC membership – EVERYONE.

My background:

• I served six years in the US Army as a Combat Communications Officer

• I worked 25 years in the computer software industry as a programmer, analyst, troubleshooter. and manager.

• I have previous experience serving on a public utilities board of directors as Secretary and President

• I have been a member of Pima Pistol Club for 8 years, where I am a regular competitor in various matches including IDPA, USPSA, Action Pistol and Steel Challenge.

• I have competed in numerous high level IDPA matches to include two Nationals and the 2023 World Championships.

• I am an NRA certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety officer. My passion is instructing new female shooters so that they may become safe and competent members of the firearms community.

• I am a founding member of Las Pistoleras de Tucson – an organization which promotes competitive shooting sports participation for women at Pima Pistol Club.

I want to be an advocate for Pima Pistol Club members so that we can continue to do what we love to do – SHOOTING.

Bio Pic.JPG

Karl Hannestad
2024 PPC Board Member at Large

Service & Experience:  PPC Steel Challenge Match Director, Shooting Sports Competitor, Engineer, Hunter, Fisherman, avid 2nd Amendment Supporter.


I am Karl Hannestad. I am running for the position of at large board member of the Pima Pistol Club. I am a long time participant and strong advocate for shooting sports. I have competed in IPSC, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Trap and Archery for over 30 years. In younger and healthier times, I was an avid hunter, fisherman and Scuba diver. I am currently the match director for Steel Challenge at Pima Pistol Club. My background is engineering, and was one of the very early developers of WiFi, retiring to Arizona as a refugee from California.


I value all aspects of the shooting sports and will endeavor to build on, and defend, what we have here at Pima Pistol Club. Pima Pistol Club is a fantastic resource for the community that needs leadership that will build the local shooting community. We need to do all we can to provide a welcoming, safe and fun place for local shooters to continue to come and to participate in exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights.


The charter of Pima Pistol Club is to provide a venue for training, competition, and practice. The leadership of this club needs to do everything we can to facilitate those goals. New gun ownership is exploding in recent years. We as a community need to welcome new shooters, help them get safely trained, provide them with resources to actually use their guns, and to encourage participation in shooting competitions. We also need to provide a venue to competition shooters to train and practice. We have incredible shooting talent within our ranks. These top shooters are a wonderful resource for our club and need to be supported. As a club, we need to build on the “club” aspect of what we provide at PPC. Participation by members should be encouraged and expected. The board needs to be advocates of the members, understanding that we are there to serve the members of the club.  I will be an advocate for our volunteer match directors to ensure that they have what they need to run matches with as little resistance as possible. I will be an advocate for competitors to be able to train and practice on well stocked and safe ranges. I will be an advocate for members that want to safely plink and play on a range with their kids. I will be an advocate for the day shooters.


Improving the bylaws and range rules to encourage safe youth participation in shooting sports is vital to the continuation of this great sport.  I know directly what it is that we may loose here in Arizona because I have seen the collapse firsthand in California. I personally want to contribute to ensure that Pima Pistol Club is a vibrant and thriving resource for our community well into the future. We have a wonderful resource here in Pima County. I hope that you will support me in my candidacy to be on the board, to preserve what we have and to build on the future of this great club.

Chelsi Remme(1).jpg

Chelsi Remme
2024 PPC Board Member at Large

Service & Experience:  2023 Pima Pistol Club Treasurer, two consecutive terms as Pima Pistol Club Secretary, Civil Engineer, Armed Women of America (AWA) Chapter Leader  


Hello Members - My name is Chelsi Remme and I have been a member of Pima Pistol Club since 2015.  For the past year I have served as PPC Treasurer, for the previous two years I served as the Secretary of the Club and I am now running for the position of Board Member at large.  I am a civil engineer and I am looking forward to providing my skill and expertise in evaluating projects for the Club.  

I am also a Chapter Leader of Armed Women of America (AWA) Shooting Chapter (a woman’s shooting club) which meets monthly at Pima Pistol Club.  

I am asking for your vote so that I can continue to be a part of Pima Pistol Club’s leadership and to serve the best interests of all our members.



Greg Guertin
2024 PPC Board Member at Large

Service & Experience:  19 year veteran of the US Air Force, current member of the Arizona Air National Guard.  NRA Pistol Instructor, Range Master certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer, IDPA Chief Safety Officer, IDPA competitor.


I have lived in Tucson since moving here in 2014, and Pima Pistol Club is the place where I discovered my love for competitive shooting.  I am running for the board as a member at large because I love Pima Pistol Club, and feel that as an organization we must do more for our membership and the greater Tucson community by making Pima Pistol Club Arizona’s premier location for shooting enthusiasts!


Pima Pistol Club is an organization with a robust and diverse group of members comprised of recreational range users, competitive shooters, and individuals who want training.  We come from all skill levels and walks of life, but regardless of our individual backgrounds, we all share a common interest– a love of the range!


All too often now, our community is being challenged by outside influences.  I believe that best way to address these challenges is by encouraging the growth of shooting activities and sports, and doing so with an emphasis on education and safety.  This serves to improve the knowledge, safe handling, marksmanship and enjoyment of firearms for our members and our community.


I believe Pima Pistol Club can be promoted and developed into a name, and club, that is spoken of by sportsmen, enthusiasts, trainers, and industry professionals alike.  The future of PPC lies in the voices of its diverse membership who all share these common beliefs of honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and patriotism, and to this extent, I believe that myself along with the candidates I endorse are the best individuals to lead this wonderful organization forward.


As a 19-year veteran of the US Air Force and Air National Guard, much of my experience in problem solving and leadership comes from a willingness to listen, consider and then implement ideas that have the organization’s best interest at heart.


As a veteran and current member of the Arizona National Guard, I have spent years serving my country, and now I want to serve you, my fellow members of Pima Pistol Club!  Please consider me for a position as board member at large in this December’s elections, and together we can strengthen and grow Pima Pistol Club, and our love of the range for generations to come!


Allan Panka
2024 PPC Board Member at Large

Service & Experience:  Member of Pima Pistol Club (PPC) since 2013. Avid outdoor enthusiast since youth and competitive shooter (IDPA, USPSA, BUG, GSSF, Rimfire Challenge and 2-Gun matches), dirt-bike rider, camper and hunter. Certified NRA pistol instructor,  Scholastic Action Shooting Sports (SASP) coach & coach for the Tucson Straight Shooters team (practices take place at PPC).  Arizona Citizens Defense League, and NRA life member.  


My name is Allan Panka and I have been a resident of the Catalina area for the last 10 years.  I have been married for 13 years to my wife Trisha, and I have three amazing boys (ages 7, 8, and 10).  

As a board member I will focus on what is best for the club, and the future of the club.  I will make sure members' voices are heard loud and clear.  I will look for ways to increase club revenue, and membership while still focusing on what is important to the club for its long term sustainability.  I believe it is important to portray Pima Pistol Club as an inviting and welcoming range that everyone wants to come, train, and compete at.  We also must focus on bringing up and training young shooters in safety, skills and understanding the importance of the Second Amendment. I want to be a part of a transparent, and fair Board Of Directors. Let’s increase communication and promote the best productive ideas and actions that will improve Pima Pistol Club. I would be honored to serve on the board. Thank you for your consideration.


Butch Ventzke
2024 PPC Board Member at Large

Service & Experience:  Previous Board of Directors member for Tucson Trap & Skeet, NRA Distinguished Expert, and lifelong enthusiast.


I have been a member of Pima Pistol Club for 10 years.  I have been involved in shooting sports for over 55 years starting with my Boy Scout Rifleman Shooting Badge when I was 12 years old.  After earning my Distinguished Expert Designation from the NRA, I continued with my lifelong competitive shooting career, including Match Rifle, F-Class 1,000 yard, Trap and Skeet shooting (participant and instructor), and Sporting Clays.  When my son Dillon was 15 years old and grew bored with shotgun sports, we took up pistol shooting and began competing in Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, and 3 gun matches.


I have served on the Board of Directors for Tucson Trap and Skeet - the second largest gun club in the United States.  I certainly see the need for sustainable gun clubs in our area to promote shooting sports for men, women and especially junior shooters who are the lifeblood of shooting sports.


I'm running for a seat on the Board of Directors so I can contribute my years of experience to further the sustainability of Pima Pistol Club.

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